I’m a human being & I’m an introvert person 

I’m a human being and I’m an introvert person 

Introvert being quiet and retiring,

Love to be alone or with some close friends,

Does not crave excitement,

Controls Own feelings,

Prefer thoughts more before action,

Being an introvert person, everyone think of as a boring character.

Being an introvert person builds up a world which no one can see.

We being introvert we fall in love and It always stay one-sided 

The fear to make it a mess always stays up 

I being an introvert never taught of interacting with a bunch of Souls

That extrovert attracts me the most, 

Taught me to live the fullest.

That parts of me, which I’m not was admiring of,

Never thought of speaking and being the centre of attention but always observing people closely,

I being an introvert, I got an emotion.

I never speak up to things which i feel bad about, 

But it killed me more than words that i can say. 

I live, I breathe,

Still I am an introvert guy. 

To everything happening people ask me, Are you Okay? 

Million of words, passed by my mind.

But my mouth whispered, That I’m fine. 

Never spoke much but always smiling, 

One harsh words and everything is done. 

Whatever I do, 

 Things never changed of me being an introvert.

All night passed with shadows and no tears passed of pain built inside.

Even my solitude knew that I was an introvert.

Walls build around no one to be close,

Being an introvert I knew It was hard to be in love.

Today all my words which i never spoke up,

I started being someone, who i am NOT. 

I started writing.


Being A writer,

People tells me that i am good with words,

But they never knew that i am good by my heart

My mind just keep thinking and imagining 

Maybe more fond of books than people

I love to be reserved and being an introvert 

Filled with knowledge and Less of a words 
This is me and I am an Introvert.


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