Red light street kid 

We were born, We were on street 
Life without food, Life without parent

Starving to death, but still working on road 

We are kids but no one cares,

We walk past by observing others being loved, 

That love which every kids wished for, 

That clothes to cover our soul under nightmares, 

But we believe that god is there to protect us, 

We wish but it can’t be fulfilled, 

We dream but always stays a dream, 

Our life might not be easy, but we survive everyday.

That naked body might be covered with mud, 

But our souls is pure like a gold. 

We are orphans, but god is our parent.

He loved us then, he love us now.

Devil woke up every night we slept,

We were kids, but we were not beggars 

Hands been cut, eyes been killed blind, 

It was our destiny which we never choose to live,

Red light darkness became a part of our  life, 

We still lived our life, but our soul were killed by educated people, 

We ran from it but there was no way out, 

Never destined to be a murderer, 

But we killed and we were killed.

Treated like trash, Still simled like no other, 

We were there before,

We are here now, but everything still the same. 

We are not meant to be sold, 

We are not meant to be molested, 

We are not meant to be a beggar or a labour, 

We are meant to be educated, 

We are meant to be treated right, 

We are meant to hold a pen not a tool, 

But we are poor and helpless, 

We believe in god and we believe life will be better someday. 

-Feeling and hopeful thoughts of a red light street kid.

Why do prostitutes alone face all the Criticism and not the people who feast on them? 

Is it because they are poor and helpless?


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