The devil in my Room 

I slept, before midnight that day. It was a strange feeling which i was getting behind me. Thirsty for blood made me awake wide open with no one there to protect me. I cried that night feeling that lonely atmosphere made me suffer the pills of death. 

It stabbed me from behind but i still stood there to look what it was, I wasn’t afraid being a loner anymore. It was the nightmare which I suffered, that night my bed was all covered up in blood. 

I collapsed after a while breathing heavy, the urge for some water. My body started feeling cold, still wanted to live more. The suffering never stopped it kept on increasing, breath was getting faster and I was cover with blood of dark. I whispered ‘save me somebody’ it was not meant to be the end. 
I still tried to look what it was and there i was, eyes with suffering and angry within looking at it was devastating for me. My voice became numb, no words to utter. 

It started to walk and the closer it gets, my heartbeat kept on increasing. I tried to move my legs but it stayed all numb. It disappeared all of the sudden, with a scar on my body and fear in my soul. 

That night it make me realise the bright side of life. The wish for death was gone, I stepped up that day to move forward and live a life. 

The darkness was no more beautiful for me to live, the presence of getting stabbed still make me shiver. 

That night still lives within me with tears and hardships.


“Kill it and Move forward”


The flaw in me 

I live to be happy but cant be happy all the while, things always come up and it becomes a mess. 

Hard to learn about I overthink about my problems which really doesn’t exist but just a possibility what will happen next ruins my life every single day.

 I learned many things about people being overthinking, but it’s always been like a part of me which i am running away every single day. 

I believe you might have suffered the same or may not be but if not you are lucky about it.

 It can spoil all your happiness which you can feel every single day.

 Now I don’t want to be sad or happy i just love to stay neutral in my life. 

Pushing my limits everyday to beat up myself at the end of the day. 

This suffering have almost gotten me killed inside every day but I don’t want to give up on myself. 

I don’t want to be a loser anymore. 

My flaws are my part

Its hard to change and live with, but a hope of light in me can change things for me. 

Whatever or whoever became a part of my life, It always ended up at some point in my life. 

Some were my mistakes and some were not but it haunts me in my sleep. 

I can’t imagine beauty, it end up to be a devil in me at the end. I can feel people around me, there sorrows but I don’t want to know them because it gets me depressed. Believing people was never a part of my life.

I can be trustworthy but I can’t open up so easily with people’s around me. It difficult to stay with millions of feelings inside everyday which i don’t even want to feel. 

Red light street kid 

We were born, We were on street 
Life without food, Life without parent

Starving to death, but still working on road 

We are kids but no one cares,

We walk past by observing others being loved, 

That love which every kids wished for, 

That clothes to cover our soul under nightmares, 

But we believe that god is there to protect us, 

We wish but it can’t be fulfilled, 

We dream but always stays a dream, 

Our life might not be easy, but we survive everyday.

That naked body might be covered with mud, 

But our souls is pure like a gold. 

We are orphans, but god is our parent.

He loved us then, he love us now.

Devil woke up every night we slept,

We were kids, but we were not beggars 

Hands been cut, eyes been killed blind, 

It was our destiny which we never choose to live,

Red light darkness became a part of our  life, 

We still lived our life, but our soul were killed by educated people, 

We ran from it but there was no way out, 

Never destined to be a murderer, 

But we killed and we were killed.

Treated like trash, Still simled like no other, 

We were there before,

We are here now, but everything still the same. 

We are not meant to be sold, 

We are not meant to be molested, 

We are not meant to be a beggar or a labour, 

We are meant to be educated, 

We are meant to be treated right, 

We are meant to hold a pen not a tool, 

But we are poor and helpless, 

We believe in god and we believe life will be better someday. 

-Feeling and hopeful thoughts of a red light street kid.

Why do prostitutes alone face all the Criticism and not the people who feast on them? 

Is it because they are poor and helpless?

I’m a human being & I’m an introvert person 

I’m a human being and I’m an introvert person 

Introvert being quiet and retiring,

Love to be alone or with some close friends,

Does not crave excitement,

Controls Own feelings,

Prefer thoughts more before action,

Being an introvert person, everyone think of as a boring character.

Being an introvert person builds up a world which no one can see.

We being introvert we fall in love and It always stay one-sided 

The fear to make it a mess always stays up 

I being an introvert never taught of interacting with a bunch of Souls

That extrovert attracts me the most, 

Taught me to live the fullest.

That parts of me, which I’m not was admiring of,

Never thought of speaking and being the centre of attention but always observing people closely,

I being an introvert, I got an emotion.

I never speak up to things which i feel bad about, 

But it killed me more than words that i can say. 

I live, I breathe,

Still I am an introvert guy. 

To everything happening people ask me, Are you Okay? 

Million of words, passed by my mind.

But my mouth whispered, That I’m fine. 

Never spoke much but always smiling, 

One harsh words and everything is done. 

Whatever I do, 

 Things never changed of me being an introvert.

All night passed with shadows and no tears passed of pain built inside.

Even my solitude knew that I was an introvert.

Walls build around no one to be close,

Being an introvert I knew It was hard to be in love.

Today all my words which i never spoke up,

I started being someone, who i am NOT. 

I started writing.


Being A writer,

People tells me that i am good with words,

But they never knew that i am good by my heart

My mind just keep thinking and imagining 

Maybe more fond of books than people

I love to be reserved and being an introvert 

Filled with knowledge and Less of a words 
This is me and I am an Introvert.

Hiding Myself 

I woke up with indifference I feel,

Shame to live, Fame to dream,

Joy of emptiness, Loneliness to cherish,

Scar on my corps, beauty to wink 

Grown to build but feel the pain,

The clock has turned enough to reach a planet 

Life is endless night

I hear wings beating in the dark of my room

A gaint Raven is waiting,

For me to fall asleep,

I feel the shame today,

I woke up, felt like dying

Nothing serious or anything 

Not happy, 

Not sad, 

But Empty,

Idea of waking up again and again to a pointless life.

What is ‘SHE’ for You?

What is she for you? 
She is a thing of lust,
She is a material to be raped,
She is a person to be judged,
She is a person to be looked up for sex,
She is a person to be used,
She is a person to be a burden for a family,
She is a person, to spoil everyone’s mood while birth,
She is a person who need to leave her house,
She is a person who needs to carry a baby for better tomorrow,
Why She,
Is always look up as a thing of lust, 
Person to be dis-respected,

Person to be judged,

Person to be raped brutally,
Person to be looked up for sex everyday,
Person to be stayed at home working,
Person to be keep under veil, 
She can be your bestfriend,
She can be your best daughter to be proud of, 
She can be your beautiful wife to love you forever,
She can be a mother to be a beautiful god on earth.
She is wonderful, Just remember that ❤

A walk came to an end 

Happiness with beauty, 

Soul with sorrow, 

Mind with thoughts, 

Heart with bleed, 

No words to say, 

But million fights with itself.
Expectation with failure, 

Memories with sadness, 

Body with warmth, 

No words to say, 

But million fights with itself.
Bond for life, 

Easy to break, 

No promise to stay,

No words to say, 

But million fights with itself.
Fought for end, 

Nothing to regret,

No words to say,

But life made it beautiful.

No matter what happens in life, never let anyone take over you. You are special and make your life beautiful.